Saturday, August 28, 2010

Episode 64: "Nightmare House Volume 1" (2008)

Here it is! This week I announce the winner for our Nightmare House Volume 1 giveaway! I also talk with Paul Hungerford from Fewdio about the short horror films they produce, and I review my copy of the DVD as well.

Misfit boy gets us In The Zone with "People Are Alike All Over" and "A Nice Place To Visit".

And I relate a story about my nerdiness in action at the local book store.

"Nightmare House: Volume 1" (2008):

The Bonebat Film Festival:

The dARk Hours Horror Podcast:

"Night Of The Living Dead: Reanimated":

The Fear Inside website:

Angry Gnome Comics:


The Zombie Mob podcast is now available:

"The Walking Dead" trailer is now available! blog gets a nod:

Doug Bradley will not be in the next Hellraiser film:

Corpse bread:

Marvel Studios to develop "Iron Fist" film:

The Bangladesh Hulk - HALKa trailer:

Peter Jackson updates us on "The Hobbit":

Brannon Braga wanted to kill off Seven Of Nine:

Original casting memo for "Star Trek: The Next Generation":

"The Return Of William Castle" film festival:

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