Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Arrow (TV) - Booster Gold May Crossover With The Hood

GreenArrowTV interviewed Andrew Kreisberg, who said the following:

Ted Kord was recently name-checked on the show. Is there any chance we might see him in the flesh on Arrow in Season 2?
Yeah. Aside from the major Superman and Batman characters, DC has been really good about letting us play with their roster. We’d never say never to anybody. Kord Industries actually plays a part in my Booster Gold pilot, so, who knows. He might be on two different shows, played by two different actors.
So there’s no chance the two shows could exist in the same universe?
There’s always a possibility. There’s a line in the Booster Gold pilot where somebody says “we finally have our own hero. Not like that nut in Starling City with the hood.” I don’t know if they’re going to let me keep that line over there, if they [Syfy] actually make the pilot, but it sort of makes me smile to think that it’s the same universe.

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