Saturday, May 18, 2013

Episode 206: Supermanimation

This week McPierce compares and contrasts two versions of the Superman/Braniac story when he watches "Superman: Unbound" and then reads Superman comics #866-870. And Mike Zombie and Zombie Farmer are Dead And Loving It with "Dead Meat".

[04:00] Intro
[04:41] Nerd News
[14:23] Dead Meat
[38:02] Superman: Unbound
[51:16] Outro

Superman: Unbound (2013)

Dead Meat (2004)


Rhett Reese blames the fans for the failure of "Zombieland" the TV show:

Is a Walking Dead movie coming?

Herschel Gordon Lewis is trying to fund his project, "Zombificador":

"Warehouse 13" will end with the fifth season in 2014:

"Almost Human" trailer released this week:

Joss Whedon confirms the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver for The Avengers 2:

Could South African locations mean Black Panther is in The Avengers 2?

Is Jeremy Renner out as Hawkeye and out of The Avengers?


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Intro by Metal Mikey

Outro by Roxsy Tyler

Intro song:  "Invincible" by OK Go.
Outro song:  "A Good Idea At The Time" by OK Go.
             "Hey Gordy" by Stormtroopers Of Death.

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