Monday, May 27, 2013

Green Lantern: New Guardians (Comic) - Justin Jordan Talks The Future

From the DC Comics blog:
So where will GREEN LANTERN: NEW GUARDIANS pick up following the shattering events of “Wrath of The First Lantern”?
“Kyle is asked to do something in New Guardians which will form what New Guardians, under my run, is about,” Jordan recently told NEWSARAMA. “Something that he is really, really ambivalent about. And ambivalent might be putting it mildly. He's asked to do something that hurts him a lot because of the stuff that happened to him during "First Lantern," because of the betrayals that he feels that he suffered. And since his powers are related to his emotions, mastering that is one of the things he has to do. And it's an ongoing problem, doing what he's been asked to do while trying to keep his emotions and feelings about that in check.”

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