Thursday, May 16, 2013

Is Jeremy Renner Out As Hawkeye?

Comic Book Movie brings us the following, based on various sources around the 'net:

He first appeared on the big screen in Thor and then signed on to have a larger role in The Avengers but Hawkeye seems to be the forgotten hero in Marvel Studios' Phase 2.
Why is this? One of The Daily SuperHero's Hollywood sources might have that answer but we'll get to that in a moment.
It all started when actor Jeremy Renner may have dug himself into a hole, with Marvel, talking bad about his character's involvement in The Avengers.
"For 90 percent of the movie, I'm not the character I signed on to play," Renner said to Total Film. "It's kind of a vacancy. [He's] not even a bad guy, because there's not really a consciousness to him. To take away who that character is and just have him be this robot, essentially, and have him be this minion for evil that Loki uses ... I was limited, you know what I mean? I was a terminator in a way. Fun stunts. But is there any sort of emotional content or thought process? No."
In support of Renner's comments has a point since an evil Hawkeye is not want fans wanted to see but at the same time he really should've kept his mouth closed. This isn't the first time an actor has talked bad about Marvel's portrayal of their character on the big screen. Hugo Weaving did something similar, with his Red Skull villain, in Captain America: The First Avenger and said he has no interest in reprising the role again. And he probably never will.
And don't forget that Rhodie was recast in Iron Man 2 when Marvel and Terrance Howard was less than happy with his deal for the sequel.

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