Monday, May 20, 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness (2013) - How The First Seven Minutes Were Changed

Collider brings us the following from an interview with Damon Lindelof:
When I saw the prologue, months ago, the movie started a little differently than it actually starts now. Unless I’m mistaken about this, didn’t it start with London and then go to the planet?
LINDELOF: Correct.
What was the inspiration for switching that around?
LINDELOF: I think there were two things going on. First off, as scripted, the movie does start with London and then goes to Nibiru. At the time that we did the IMAX opener, we’d already started talking about starting with Nibiru and then going to London just because it felt more engaging, energetic opening to have Kirk running out of that temple. But more importantly, we wanted to have the IMAX prologue end with some degree of a cliffhanger that was directly married to our crew, and so the options were that we could end on Benedict saying, “I can save your daughter.” Or we could end on Kirk saying to Bones, “What would you do?” and Bones saying, “He’d let you die.” And then cutting those, Spock and the volcano about to get wiped out in a wave of lava. It was cooked, kind of a no-brainer to end it with Spock about to get wiped out by a wave of lava – it just felt better. But when you actually look at the movie and say, “What’s the best moment to basically cut to the Star Trek title card?” It made a lot more sense to start with Nibiru.

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