Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Thing (1982) - Originally It Had A Happy Ending

Syfy's Blastr news site quotes John Carpenter, who directed the film, as saying:

Really, this is a movie about the end of the world,” Carpenter said at a screening of the film last week at the Entertainment Weekly CapeTown Film Festival. “It does not have a real happy ending. And it has what a lot of audiences cannot stand, which is an ending that has no real conclusion. It’s ambiguous. Now, I do know, in the end, who the Thing is, but I cannot tell you.
and then later:
The studio asked me to cut the movie, drop out the final scene, have Kurt Russell do what he does with the dynamite, blow it up and then walk out, and the movie ends. It didn’t test any differently. I said, ‘We’re not gonna do that. We’re gonna do my ending.’
So the film was supposed to end happily, not ambiguously...

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