Thursday, June 20, 2013

Black Devil Doll (Indiegogo) - TV Sitcom In The Future

For more on the fundraising, go here.
Shawn Lewis, Mitchell Boone, John Osteen and Jonathan “Louis” Lewis. Four friends with a shared love of all-things sick, twisted, uncomfortably funny and unquestionably unsavory. We eat and breathe horror, comedy and exploitation films, and the only thing we love better than ingesting them, is creating them ourselves. Among the many different projects we’ve all been involved with, we’re probably best known for creating and producing the cult DVD hits, BLACK DEVIL DOLL and BRAWLIN’ BROADS, as well as the recently released BRAWLIN’ BROADS II. And the latest music video from rock legend DANZIG, "Ju Ju Bone". Those familiar with these titles know we take low-budget film making to new highs in production value and new lows in political incorrectness. We’re lewd, we’re crude, and we always take great pride in delivering the absolute best entertainment for the audience. And we know what that audience wants because we’re proud members of it. Aside from BLACK DEVIL DOLL and BRAWLIN’ BROADS, we’re also responsible for the #1 horror, cult, sci-fi, exploitation and true-crime t-shirt company in the world, ROTTEN COTTON. All together we have produced movies, pay-per-views, radio, podcasts, music videos, soundtracks, graphic novels, books, posters and t-shirts. We absolutely live for this shit! And now it’s time for us to finally take-on the follow-up to BLACK DEVIL DOLL. And we want you to join us in our latest sleazy quest.

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