Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Amazing Spider-man 2 (2014) - A Rumor Why Mary Jane Was Cut

Hollywood Life brings us the following:
A source close to production spoke to EXCLUSIVELY and told us the storyline reasons for cutting Shailene’s role as the other love interest for Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield).
Emma Stone’s character dies in the next film and that really would take a bunch out of the film if Spider-Man all the sudden starts dating a new girl so close to an important characters death. They were noticing this occurring as they filmed Shailene’s scenes. They want to make the death of Gwen Stacy really mean something and then it will leave room for Shailene to shine in the third film.
Competing Love Interests?
There were also rumors that Emma Stone didn’t want another leading lady hanging too closely to on-and-off-screen boyfriend Andrew. However, our source tells us this is not true; the Shailene setback was strictly creative:
There is no jealousy, this is definitely a creative decision and Emma was also told that she would have her character get the proper send off and probably would appear in flashbacks and nightmares in the third film. When you are a huge star like Emma you get things thrown to you even if you don’t ask or demand them.
Sounds like the producers just want to make sure the relationship between Mary Jane and Peter is given the perfect story, especially since Peter will be devastated over the death of Gwen!
The film is scheduled to hit theaters 02 May 2014.

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