Saturday, July 20, 2013

Dawn Of Dracula (2013) - Trailer

The Nefarious "Black Dawn" has succeeded in it's quest to resurrect the master of evil incarnate Count Dracula and it is up to Victoria Van Helsing, Patricia Pennyweather and the steadfast Uncle Crom to stop this diabolical scheme.
This horror / comedy feature to is a tribute to and a parody of the classic "Hammer Dracula's" of the early 1970's as well as all European Vampire films of that glorious era.
Starring Marlena Midnite - Robyn Graves - Dracula - Jon Ramsay - Shawn Malone -
Produced By: Blake Powell and Marlena Midnite
Executive Producer : Thomas Berdinski
Written By: Blake Powell and Marlena Midnite
Directed by: Blake Powell
Music By: Thomas Berdinski

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