Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Free Monthly Horror From Hulu Through October

The Collective, a leading entertainment management and production company, and horror website Bloody-Disgusting.com, will feature a new horror movie from their Bloody Disgusting Selects library on Hulu and Hulu Plus each month leading up to Halloween. Hulu visitors can watch these titles for free, along with other Bloody Disgusting Selects movies on the channel, while Hulu Plus subscribers can watch select titles on connected TVs and devices. New titles to be featured as the Bloody Disgusting Selects – Movie of the Month include the following:

July- Exit Humanity
In the aftermath of the Civil War, an unexplained outbreak of the walking dead claims the life of Edward Young’s wife while his son disappears. This sets him off on a harrowing journey into the plagued countryside. Facing off challenges not just from the ferocious undead but also from the living, will Edward find an exit to the grotesque caricature of what humanity has become? The War might be over but the fight has just begun.

August- Crawl
Set in an unknown rural town, a seedy bar-owner hires a mysterious hit man to settle a score. The gun-toting killer crosses paths with an innocent waitress sparking a cat and mouse struggle of survival. As tension builds, everyone is driven to desperate measures causing a chain of events that build to a blood-curdling climax.

September- Truth or Die
A group of college friends celebrate the end of term with a party to end all parties. During a drink and drug-fuelled evening, an innocent game of ‘Truth or Dare’ has a very sore loser, sparking a terrifying sequence of events and a whole new twist on the game of Truth or Dare – where the truth can kill you.

October- YellowBrickRoad
In the Fall of 1940, the entire population of Friar, NH abandoned their homes and walked up an ancient trail, never to be seen alive again. Their fates have remained a mystery for over 70 years, until a team of researchers discover the trailhead and attempt to track the path the doomed citizens of Friar took. Starring Cassidy Freeman ("Smallville"), Anessa Ramsey (The Signal) and Lee Wilkof (Before the Devil Knows You're Dead), YellowBrickRoad is a return to the slow burn, character driven horror thrillers of the 1970s.

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