Friday, July 26, 2013

The Amazing Spider-man 2 (2014) - Character Revelations To Be Made

Total Film spoke with director Marc Webb, who said the following:
There are a few actors in the film whose characters haven’t been revealed yet, is that because they’ll be familiar to fans?
“Hmmm... Well, how do I answer that? [Laughs] How about this? Anything you expect, you'll be surprised. To be totally honest, I intentionally conceal these things because I want people to be engaged and surprised when they see the film and experience it for the first time. It's not like Harry Potter or Twilight necessarily where you know the stories.
"And we are constructing them from elements of the comics obviously, from the canon, and we pay homage and are very protective of certain elements of the canon, but we want people to experience it for the first time in the theatre and I think that’s an experience that it often robbed from the audience, so you’ll forgive me being coy [grins].”
 And rumors abound that these concealed characters are going to form the movie version of the Sinister Six:
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