Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Awakened (2012) - VOD Release Announcement

The companies, both based out of Miami, announced today that the film will be screened one last time at the 2013 Fright Night Film Festival in Louisville, Kentucky.  The festival is part of the Fandomfest, the largest Comic-Con or Multi-platform convention in the Mid America region, with an attendance of over 16,000 people in 2012.  This year’s convention will take place the weekend of July 26th through the 28th, with guests including:Stan Lee, William Shatner, Gene Simmons, director Kevin Smith, the cast of the megahit ”The Walking Dead,” and many other celebrities.

Fright Night is the last chance for audiences to see “The Awakened” for free after a very successful film festival run that took the film to Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin and now Kentucky.  However, beginning September 1st, fans everywhere will be able to stream the film online or buy the film at  “We’re looking forward to sharing the film with our fans that have been patiently waiting for us to make the film available to the general public,” said Executive Producer Andrew M. Feldman.

The film is the brainchild of independent filmmakers, Juan F. Gonzalez and Lou Simon. “It is about five friends who have a hurricane party at a house, but when they recreate a spiritual healing as a joke, they inadvertently awaken a demon,”explains Writer/Producer/Co-Director Lou Simon. “Now, they are trapped inside the house with the demon and cannot get out because of the storm.”

Producer Juan F. Gonzalez further explains. “These five friends don’t take anything seriously. They’re partying through a storm, they don’t have any hurricane supplies, and finally, they treat the whole spiritual healing as a joke. That is their ultimate downfall – they are young and irresponsible.”

The five friends are played by Stephanie Rae Pitts, Nikolas Holmes, Jonathan “Legacy” Perez (of Season 6 of “So You Think You Can Dance”), John Thomassen, and Nancy Sayegh (of the CW’s “The Catalina”).  The supporting cast is made up of local actors Julie Kendall, Harry Marsh, Wil Jackson, Saphie Gonzalez, and radio personality Paul Castronovo of the “Paul and Young Ron Show.”

The film has received rave reviews from online critics that have called the film “…a clever story with some good scares that will send chills up and down your spine…” (Patrick Ricketts – Video Views).  And Jason Hignite, of HorrorHound Magazine, called “The Awakened” a “fresh story” and commented that the film is “hold-on-to-your-seat scary.”

Those who have been waiting for the film can catch a sneak peak by watching the trailer and get to meet the cast at the movie’s website  They can also pre-order the film at a discounted rate at before August 31st.  Beginning September 1st, the film will be available to download or for streaming on both Vimeo on Demand and Those wishing a physical DVD copy of the film may order it at

More information about Fright Night Film Festival and Fandomfest can be found at

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