Saturday, August 10, 2013

Episode 218: A Dork Among Podcasters

This week McPierce watched "Beast: A Monster Among Men", and Mike Zombie is Dead And Loving It with "Frankenstein's Army".

[03:06] Intro
[03:34] Nerd News
[07:48] Frankenstein's Army
[22:51] Beast: A Monster Among Men
[29:43] Outro

Beast: A Monster Among Men (2012)

Frankenstein's Army (2013)


"Gotham PD" being developed by Warner Bros:

Zach Snyder looking for inspiration from "Public Enemies" and "World's Finest"...

...and they want a 40-something to play The Batman:

"Crystal Lake Memories" gets an earlier release date:

Possible television series based on "The Exorcist":

Sam Rockwell in talks to star in "Poltergeist" remake:

Making Michonne's pet zombies:

Michonne Vs. The Governor:

The alternate season 3 finale of "The Walking Dead":

Left 4 Dead 3 unofficially confirmed:


The Italian Zombie Movie: The Grindhouse Cut

Scream Queenz The Podcast

76th Street Podcast

Intro by Christopher Mann

Intro song:  "Blue Moon" by Frank Sinatra.
Outro song:  "Mack The Knife" by Louis Armstrong.
             "Hey Gordy" by Stormtroopers Of Death.

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