Monday, August 5, 2013

Fantastic Four (2015) - Reed Richards Has Been Cast

The Wrap brings us the following:
Miles Teller is spectacular now, but will he be fantastic in the future?
For the first edition of "What's the Deal?," TheWrap film reporter Jeff Sneider dishes on how the "Spectacular Now" star is in contention to play Mr. Fantastic in 20th Century Fox's reboot of "The Fantastic Four" -- this according to multiple individuals familiar with the comicbook movie.
It would be a huge role for the budding star: Mr. Fantastic, also known as Reed Richards, is the leader of the Fantastic Four, which also includes superhero siblings Sue Storm (Invisible Woman) and Johnny Storm (Human Torch), as well as Ben Grimm (The Thing).
Insiders caution that there is still a lot of work to be done on the "Fantastic Four" script and that Fox hasn't even brought on a casting director yet. That said, the CAA-repped Teller has met with Trank and is rumored to be the director's top choice.

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