Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Gotham PD (TV) - Is There A Nolanverse TV Series Coming?

Think McFly Think brings us the following:
Even though Warner Bros is moving on from the Nolanverse on the big screen, that hasn't stopped them from finding a way to continue it on the small screen.
The studio is prepared to hire a writer to tackle a Gotham PD inspired television show that would essentially take place between the aftermath of The Dark Knight and before the return of Batman in The Dark Knight Rises. The story would involve the pressure on Gotham's finest to take control of the city during Batman's hiatus from crime fighting.
Not much is known about the project but Jonah Nolan is said to be playing a role similar to what Marc Guggenheim is owning on Arrow and Greg Berlanti is set to do on Flash. There is no word on what network the show could possibly be featured on but logic would indicate that CW would be a likely destination.

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