Thursday, August 29, 2013

I Declare War (2012) - On Screen 30 August

I Declare War Explodes On Screen Tomorrow!

Jason Lapeyre and Robert Wilson's "coming-of-age movie on steroids," I Declare War, is hands down the most epic capture-the-flag movie ever. Winner of the Audience Award at Fantastic Fest 2012, the film revisits the age where the line between imagination and reality is most tenuous and has been called "a hilarious mix of Stand By Me and Platoon."

Armed with nothing more than twigs, their imaginations and a simple set of rules, a group of 12-year-olds blur the lines between make-believe and reality. Rocks = Grenades. Trees = Control towers. Sticks = Submachine guns. The youthful innocence of the game gradually takes on a different tone as the quest for victory pushes the boundaries of friendship.

I Declare War will open in the following cities tomorrow, with more dates to follow: Ashburn, Ashville, Austin, Cambridge, Denver, Houston, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Richardson, San Antonio, Seattle and Yonkers.

Watch the entire opening sequence on IGN right here. Then head here to get your tickets!

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