Friday, August 9, 2013

Sean Young Says Boycott And Blade Runner Film Without Her In It

Entertainment Weekly brings us her comments:
What’s the word, if any, on your involvement in Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner sequel?
Mmm, let’s see. Alcon –  they’re the ones that own it and apparently they have Ridley to direct it — and when I met with them they didn’t make any offer-plans to include me. And when I called Ridley Scott’s office, he doesn’t call me back. So I guess they’re going to go, like, prequel or…I don’t know what they’re going to do. But my official opinion is that, if they don’t include me in it, everybody should boycott it. Because it’s stupid not to have me in it. It’s really stupid. That’s my opinion! I mean, you try to tell people something sensible in Hollywood and sometimes they just don’t listen, you know. And they usually pay the price too, because everybody’s an expert.
Hard to tell if she's joking or not. You can catch her now in Jug Face, which we reviewed back in episode 210.

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