Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Art Of Darkness: Meditations On The Effect Of Horror Fiction (Book) - Free For The Kindle!

For the next five days, connoisseurs of horror fiction are invited to download for free the Amazon Kindle edition of W.J. Renehan’s much-praised The Art of Darkness: Meditations on the Effect of Horror Fiction.

“W. J. Renehan has written a comprehensive and concise account of the various theories of Horror, a difficult task though he lets none of the difficulty show, and thus this is a fine introduction to the field. But his book is more than theory; it also shares with the reader the weird pleasure we take in the field.”

- Robert H. Waugh, author of The Monster in the Mirror: Looking for H. P. Lovecraft and A Monster of Voices: Speaking for H. P. Lovecraft

In this insightful volume, W.J. Renehan explores the complex interrelated traditions of Horror fiction, and the human psychology that fuels them.

Through his eloquent and well-reasoned analysis, Renehan puts everything from the ancient vampire legends to Lovecraft’s cosmic Horror of the unknown into compelling cultural context.

Renehan discusses monsters both supernatural and man-made, and explores the dark landscapes created by the likes of Shirley Jackson, H.P. Lovecraft, Peter Straub, Stephen King and other masters.

Overall, Renehan’s book provides a rich introduction to that vital genre of literature which we allow to take us from the safety and light of our firesides into random, demonic, incoherent territories of terror – and seeks to explain why we so willingly return to those unsettling environs again and again.

New Street published The Art of Darkness in its paper and Kindle editions this past April. An unabridged audio edition will be available through Amazon, Audible and iTunes within the next few weeks.

For more information, please contact Monica Wister, or visit New Street’s home on the web -

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