Friday, August 23, 2013

The Marvel Experience

USA Today brings us the following:
Look out, elephants, tigers and circus clowns. Spider-Man, Iron Man and other superheroes may give them a run for "greatest show on Earth."
Marvel Entertainment is working with Los Angeles entertainment company Hero Ventures to create The Marvel Experience, an interactive road show with a "4D motion ride" and high-tech attractions featuring Marvel's most popular superheroes. The $30 million touring production is slated to begin next year, and has a lead producing team that includes former Live Nation chairman Michael Cohl and Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark Broadway co-producer Jeremiah Harris.
About the experience itself:
The Marvel Experience is built to be an immersive, first-person story set in the Marvel Universe of heroes and villains. Its "big top" will be a traveling dome complex approximately the size of two football fields, with digitally projected animation, origin stories told through motion comics, virtual-reality and holographic simulations and even integrated social media adding to the all-ages entertainment. 

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