Monday, September 16, 2013

Arrow (TV) - First Look At Bronze Tiger

TV Guide shares the following:
(Michael Jai) White will debut in the season's second episode, which finds Stephen Amell's vigilante Oliver Queen drawn into a battle of pure brawn with the Suicide Squad member better known as Ben Turner. "He's basically the best of the best, so he has come to Starling City to see if the Hood can give him a challenge," previews Guggenheim. "To that end, he has aligned himself with China White [Kelly Hu] and the Chinese Triad."
So is this guy (who is set to recur) gonna bring the kind of feral ferocity and martial-arts mayhem he's known for in the comic books? Guggenheim promises it: "If you're a fan of the character from the comics, you are going to really happy with his Arrow-fication."

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