Friday, September 13, 2013

Arrow (TV) - Manu Bennett Talks About His Role

Access Hollywood brings us the following:
Access (Hollywood): Speaking of those jobs, you moved on to ‘The Hobbit’ and ‘Arrow.’ What skills did you get to bring from ‘Spartacus’ to The CW show? There’s a lot of fighting. 
Manu: Well, because I had a background in dancing, all the movement stuff, and I played rugby as well, so all the contact stuff and I had done some martial arts training and some boxing and stuff like that — all of that’s just a big combination. One thing leads into another. It’s morphing from one shape to the next. The thing about ‘Arrow’ is ‘Arrow’s’ very contemporary and I’m a contemporary soldier and Slade Wilson will disarm you and kill you in a matter of seconds, whereas Crixus, you’ve got to go into an arena for a two hour battle and the strikes are way up in the air — ‘Roar!’… Really, Slade Wilson is just a modern creation. So I’ve sort of leapt from 74 B.C. to the present. … I’ve leapt through a portal in time and come out the other end as another dangerous adversary to a lead character, but in the same way as Crixus, Slade is a dark hero.
Access: How excited you are for ‘Arrow’ Season 2, you’re in the poster!
Manu: I’m really excited because when I first started with ‘Arrow’ … it was a different pace, a different tone. It was just more sort of factual and modern. … It’s already bigger than ‘Spartacus’ in terms of viewership, and being part of a franchise like that, it’s really gonna sort of help me build an even stronger future in this industry. And also, Slade Wilson, I know by what I’ve been told and the way that the character is already started to curve in the second season that he’s gonna be as big [of] a challenge as an acting role as what Crixus was and I think I can give him a lot of the light and shade that Crixus had, that I know the audience loves and appreciated in my performance as Crixus. So I think I’m again on a winning role and I can’t wait to embrace it further. I’m riding the tip of the arrow (laughs).
The second season premieres on 09 October.

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