Thursday, September 5, 2013

Batman Vs. Superman (2015) - Unconfirmed Batman Costume Design

Bleeding Cool brings us the following:
According to Little Bleeder Carl Wallace, the following image was posted to the Facebook page of Comic Art House and offered for sale. There was one comment, by Scott himself, that read “Wrong one.” And then it was pulled.
Well, it would seem to be authentic at first glance. The info at the top connects this image to Superman, the face is clearly Affleck and there are references to “Ben.”
But some of the caption seem too funny to be true.
Lower the bat ears… No Bat Nipples!!!
Texture should separate Batman from rest of JLA and Superman! Ben wants no Bat Nipples
We’re having our legs pulled, right? The only thing standing between us and the return of the Bat Nipples is Ben Affleck?

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