Friday, September 13, 2013

Katee Sackhoff Denies Marvel Movie Rumors

Recently we shared a story about Katee Sackhoff possibly doing a film with Marvel.

Now Ms. Sackhoff is denying the content of the story, saying:
We hear you have some Marvel negotiations going on?
You know, you say one thing… People love a good story, even if it’s a story that has very little truth to it. If you go back and actually listen to what I said, I said that people have checked my availability. I never said Marvel [or] Disney so it’s interesting how people twist stories to serve an agenda that makes people click on their site, or sell their papers.
So are you saying you have not spoken to Marvel?
I absolutely have not spoken to Marvel. It doesn’t mean that my team hasn’t spoken to Marvel. I personally have not spoken to Marvel and have no plans to do a movie in the immediate future, because number one I’m tied up with Somnia which is a fantastic place to be. It’s exactly where I wanted to be.
So it would see that the Schmoes Knows Podcast didn't understand what she claims she said, or they misreported it.

Too bad, I would LOVE to see her play a character like Ms. Marvel.

[Source: Crave Online]

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