Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Ninjas Vs. Monsters (2013)

Endlight Entertainment is proud to announce that Eduardo Sanchez, co-creator of The Blair Witch Project and director of such horror hits as Lovely Molly, Seventh Moon, and Altered, has joined NINJAS VS. MONSTERS as executive producer.

NINJAS VS. MONSTERS tells the story of classic movie monsters Dracula and Frankenstein as they join forces with a mummy, a werewolf, and a coven of sexy and powerful witches in order to battle heroic NINJAS. It is the culmination of a trilogy of films written and directed by Justin Timpane which began with 2009’s NINJAS VS. ZOMBIES and 2011’s NINJAS VS. VAMPIRES.

“Ed served in an advisory capacity on the first two films,” says Timpane. “It was amazing. This guy who every low-budget filmmaker kind of idolizes was just approachable and down to earth and really gave us the push to go make the first two.” Timpane says this time Sanchez has taken a more active role. “Ed has been there throughout the creative process, making sure we make the best film we can, and has now been a guiding force as we seek distribution.”

This support started as Timpane and company successfully crowdfunded NINJAS VS. MONSTERS. “We paid for the first two with credit cards… very ‘Blair Witch’, very ‘Clerks’,” Timpane continues. “When it came time to make this one, we went to our amazing fans and were able to raise a good portion of the budget.” Sanchez appeared in a video in 2011 encouraging fans to contribute to the film. “It made us feel like we owed the best film possible to the fans and to Ed. So this time it’s sexier, the horror is more severe, the humor is darker,” Timpane explains. “In NINJAS VS. ZOMBIES we had 15 minutes of action; in NINJAS VS. VAMPIRES maybe 25. This film doubles that number. This is truly a martial arts movie where the others just hinted at it.”

NINJAS VS. MONSTERS features Mortal Kombat style fights complete with intense fight choreography supervised by Daniel Mascarello and PJ Megaw and carried out by a stunt team that included world champion martial artists, stunt professionals, and newcomers alike. “The team practiced and prepared for months before we shot and continued to work constantly up until the last weekend of reshoots,” Timpane states. Boasting hundreds of effects overseen by VFX Artist Brian Anderson and a soundtrack that includes an international array of musicians from LA rock artists Nick Bognar and Phil Yates to the Ukranian hitmaker Solarice, NINJAS VS. MONSTERS brings indie action to another level!

“Our goal was to look at what microbudget action-horror has been able to accomplish so far and not just surpass it but set a new standard”, says executive producer and star Daniel Ross. “I think it's fair to say that we’ve done that.” Ross, a veteran voice actor and producer from the Washington, DC, area, was the one responsible for introducing Sanchez to the project. “With Ed on board, we’ve worked harder, challenged ourselves, and created a really scary, super funny, action-packed film that I think people are gonna love”.

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