Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sharkansas (Movie) - Kickstarter Campaign

Sharks on land! Hunting victims from just below the earth’s surface! Yes, you heard that right….Prehistoric sharks are on the attack.

We are planning to shoot, a cutting edge B movie entitled Sharkansas Women's Prison Massacre. Directed by B Movie legend, Jim Wynorski, our intent in making this movie to to celebrate a classic B cinema genre and as well to give you the viewer as much fun as humanly possible.

Sharks on land! Hunting victims from just below the earth’s surface! Yes, you heard that right….prehistoric sharks are on the attack in Arkansas. And a shapely work gang from the women’s prison there suddenly find themselves at the center of the terrifying situation. A local fracking crew has accidently cracked open a section of the earth’s mantle, allowing a swarm of prehistoric land sharks to head upwards from an underground ocean in search of new victims. So after a suspenseful escape, the five gorgeous prisoners find themselves not only on the run from the law…but a horde of blood thirsty hell bent creatures as well. Trapped in a remote fishing cabin hundreds of miles from civilization, the curvy quintet must use both their wits and wiles to elude the jaws of death swimming just outside in the front yard. You’ll meet Honey, a fiery spinner armed with a smokin’ pair of .38s. Standing close by is her lover Anita, at once both sexy and psychotic. Shannon is the sweet, girl-next-door type…that is if you happen to live next door to a mental institution. Michelle is the girl from the ghetto, street-wise and savvy beyond her years. And finally there’s Sarah, the demolition expert; she’ll blow your mind if you get too close!

This is a truly independent film, produced in the MidWest and designed to assist in the building of a regional feature film industry

Jim feels the audience for alternative cinema made away from the studio system will continue to grow thanks to new advances in Internet and Cable technologies. new centers of motion picture production have to be incubated and grown. Jim has both the past 5 years attempted to move as much production to the MidWest as possible. "The MidWest has great potential and has scenery that has yet to make it on screen, production incentives only go so far...filmmakers have to make a commitment to a region and an investment"says Wynorski.

Jim is working with Polyscope Media Group LLC, an Indiana based feature film and production compan. A strong focus is the development and promotion of regional acting and technical talent.

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