Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Rise Of Valhalla (2014) - Teaser And Stills

The Rise of Valhalla | Teaser 2 from BOREDOM on Vimeo.

Germany | April 1945
Near the Hessian border

The Third U.S. Army is only 20km away and is involved in fierce fighting with associations of the German "Waffen-SS". In the forests reigns the German resistance.

A small group of German resistance fighters follows the trail of a Waffen-SS Soldier through the woods to the Hessian border since days. After days without food the trail leads the soldiers to the foot of the hill called "H├╝ssenberg".

But instead of finding the persecutee the soldiers discover a place of horror.
In the middle of the mountain there is a small German base. Certainly there is no living person left naymore and the entire outpost resembles a slaughterhouse. There are torn off body parts, impaled heads and impaled bodies everywhere. At the entrance of a small cave, the resistance force finds a dairy which is bound into a leather.

As it turns out, General Wolff opened the gate to Valhalla  with the help of supernatural forces under the authority of Himmler . Even before the resistance fighters can understand what happened, they are confronted with threat of another world : ZOMBIE Vikings

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