Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Why We Won't Promote "Robocop"

Back when the movie was announced, and early set pictures were being released, we at A Little Dead Podcast were HAPPY to help promote the film. We shared photos as they came out, talked about it on our news segment, and were generally excited to see the film being redone.

Then we received DMCA takedown requests from lawyers affiliated with the production company. Threats about shutting down our blog and the show's feed, about having Blogger delete our account, etc.

You know, draconian bullshit that treated our show like we had infringed on their intellectual property.

So, we did as they asked. We stopped promoting the film.

Guess what. It was all a calculated move, apparently, on the part of the studio's marketing campaign. Which makes no sense, in my opinion. They put the photos out there, then threatened to have our feed shutdown and deleted, all to promote their film?

Well, a message to MGM, Jose Padhila and everybody involved in the film: fuck you.

What a disgusting way to "promote" your film, to threaten the very audience you were targeting for doing what you wanted done. We did the show for free, for fun and for a love of the genres we covered. We did it to help make people aware of the films coming out, to share in the common enjoyment of all things horror and science fiction, to broaden our horizons.

And you used your lawyers to shit on the enjoyment, all in the name of some strange form of viral marketing that, what, makes the people involved uncomfortable or feel legally afraid to even show a picture on their blog.

So, fuck all of you. While it'll hardly make a difference, we'll continue to not discuss your film, or any future projects, on our show or blog. You won't notice the difference, but rest assured we have.

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