Monday, April 28, 2014

Operation Z-Day: The Raven Falconer Chronicles (Book) - Free For Kindle

Get your copy here.

FREE April 27-29, 2014 in Anticipation of the release of Vengeance Fulfilled (Final Episode) this week.

From the author of The Living Hunger comes a pandemic story written in serial form; this is Episode One (40,000 words).  Episode Two (50,000 words), Rise of the Huskers, is available now, and the final episode (40,000 words), Vengeance Fulfilled, will be released the end of April 2014 -- the carnage continues to a satisfying conclusion.  Join the mayhem!

Would-be author, Raven Falconer, is offered an opportunity of a lifetime to write and publish her first novel, Operation Z-Day.  She retreats to the mountains of beautiful Banff Nation Park in Southern Alberta to complete the work, but finds herself cut off from friends and family when a deadly virus invades Canada, and then spreads worldwide.

Thousands, then millions fall victim to the infection. The elderly and weak succumb, while impacted survivors lose cerebral brain function and ultimately their identities; spiraling into a vegetative state where only carnal instinct prevails.

Raven eventually emerges from a secluded cabin to find marshal law instituted and the world turned upside down, where kill or be killed is rampant. Join Raven, her best friends Mick, Bobi, and Hannah for the ride of their lives. Throw in an Olympic Biathlon competitor, Nathan Edwards, infected with the transforming virus and nowhere is safe.

Episode One traces the roommates' flight from the city and their face-to-face encounters with an emerging, deadly threat, the Huskers: animalistic post-viral humans who will do anything to survive.

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