Friday, May 9, 2014

How To Tell If That Female Gamer Is Really A Male

Uproxx has the following on the subject:
Researchers from five universities across the United States and Canada studied footage of 375 gamers playing a custom World of Warcraft quest. They wanted to determine if differences in online behaviors in characters of different genders aligned with the societal expectations of conduct from men and women. That’s a really fancy way of saying that they wanted to see if male characters act like men, and female characters act like women. It turns out, unsurprisingly, that the 23% of men playing as female characters don’t know what the hell they’re doing.
Men playing as females display a lot of different behaviors than actual women playing as their own gender, and most of it is in the way they move. For instance, the men tended to have their character “move backwards more often” and jump more frequently. How frequently do they jump? 116 times as often, on average. That’s a lot of jumping. Males also tend to stay further away from their party. Other differences include picking more attractive avatars, and using lots of smiley emoticons in chat.

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