Tuesday, June 17, 2014

This Isn't A Movie (2014)

Linda Blair’s head-rotating, pea soup-vomiting portrayal of demonic possession is the stuff of movie legend, but the events that form the basis of The Exorcist and the book of the same name were actually inspired by a month-long demon-purging over a young boy in 1949.

Whether you believe in possessions—demon or otherwise—or not, they have been around since ancient times, and so has our fascination with them and the exorcisms that cast these demons, imagined or real, back into the darkness they came from.

Imagine a movie with all of the ingredients that has made Paranormal Activity a five-time box office success, that spooky “home footage” allure of witnessing a possession unfold, only far more frightening because This Isn’t A Movie is the real deal. It is the unplanned, unscripted, raw footage of a real life possession, exactly as it occurred.

Channon Rose and Travis Dean aren’t filmmakers or seeking fame via a pseudo reality show. Channon is a beautiful print model with her own beauty blog; Travis comes from the corporate world with an 8-5 job. Since the beginning of their relationship in 2012, they’ve been capturing their good times and getaways on Channon’s handheld camera, and their trip to Big Bear started out like all the rest: fun, silly, and lighthearted. But something unexplained happened to Channon, unleashing a nightmarish experience and a home movie they’ll never forget.

The question most people will ask is: How do we know it’s real? According to Channon, “It’s pretty obvious from the minute you start watching that this is something real. The whole experience was pretty terrifyingm and the only way to describe it is a possession of some kind.”

Travis adds, “Imagine seeing someone you know and love acting so strange and eerie with no explanation or ability to help them. Seeing Channon literally banging her head against the wall of our cabin hard enough to really hurt herself; she kept answering the front door of our secluded cabin, and of course, nobody was ever there. What freaked me out the most was when she completely disappeared and I ended up finding her in the woods with no idea of how she ended up there. That’s when I drove her to the emergency room.”

This Isn’t A Movie invites viewers to explore what an actual possession is—what it looks like up-close, unedited, and without Hollywood’s special effects. It is a scary journey because it is real. There are no actors going home at the end of the day... just a couple who never imagined this could happen to them.

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