Monday, June 9, 2014

Unearthed Films Names Nick DeCarlo Jr. Of "Beneath The Underground" As General Manager

Unearthed Films names Nick DeCarlo Jr. of Beneath The Underground as General Manager

Per the President of Unearthed Films during the Slaughter in Syracuse Underground Horror Festival, Stephen Biro named Festival co-coordinator and founder of Beneath The Underground LLC Nick DeCarlo Jr. as General Manager of Unearthed Films

Immediately following a screening of Jim Van Bebber’s short form film "Gator Green", Biro began a Q&A session cut short by a video that announced, “Nick DeCarlo from Beneath the Underground joins forces with Unearthed Films.” This was followed by Biro stating that "Beneath The Underground has done such an amazing job promoting underground films, pushing ahead, and unifying so many filmmakers and fans, that behind-the-scenes we have been working on a top-secret plan to promote Nick to General Manager of Unearthed Films.”

DeCarlo then took the mic to explain that Beneath the Underground is a company built on integrity and honesty, with an underlying philosophy that everyone from fans to filmmakers is on the same level. "It just makes sense", he said.

As Biro will be focusing on both his writing and spearheading the forthcoming installments of the American Guinea Pig series, there is a leadership vacuum at Unearthed Films that DeCarlo will fill with vigor. With Unearthed Films upcoming re-release of” 100 Tears” - and other films yet to be announced - DeCarlo chose to hand over the rights to Director Matthew Garrett’s critically acclaimed film "Morris County" which was previously released by Beneath The Underground Films with limited availability.

BTU and Unearthed offer different types of underground movies and each have their own Video on Demand services. Both companies will remain independent but work arm-in-arm to cover the entire spectrum of films that independent directors have to offer.

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