Wednesday, August 20, 2014

True Blood (TV) - That Time Ginger And Eric Finally Did It

If you have NOT seen the penultimate episode of "True Blood", then




TVLine spoke with Tara Buck, who plays Ginger the bartender at Fangtasia, about the scene where Ginger finally gets what she's been wanting since she first walked into a certain video store: Eric.

TVLINE | When you first read the script and saw that this was finally going to happen, what was your initial reaction?

I felt good! This is a victory for Team Ginger! There was some teasing along the way from the writers that [sex with Eric] might be in Ginger’s future, but I wasn’t really sure if or how it would actually happen. Before I actually saw the script, Alex [Skarsgard] said to me, “Have you read the script? They finally wrote it! We finally do it.” I was like, “We do?” And he was just laughing. I made him give me a play-by-play of what happens, so I had a little heads-up. The writers are so funny and so creative that nothing quite compares to actually reading the script. There were so many wonderful details; they really covered all the bases.

TVLINE | I also loved how quickly it ended, considering how much build-up there was.

[Laughs] Right?

TVLINE | But even with it being so short, I know those scenes always take longer than you’d think to film. How long did you two work on this?

We shot for a while. I feel like it was a full day, but I’d say we shot for … a good long while. I was physically exhausted by the time we were done. My dismount is extremely physical, as you witnessed. That was some core strength you saw there. I was sore the next day and exhausted that evening.

TVLINE | The whole thing felt authentic for Eric and Ginger. How much were you guided, and how much did you two just make up along the way?

It was actually a great combination. The writers wrote a wonderful scene, all the dialogue that leads up to it, but the actual act — the mounting and dismounting and whatnot — was not written, so we just figured it out right there. Alex is amazing to work with. He’s incredible and funny and has all these ideas. We did a rehearsal to block it out and get an idea of what was going to happen, and the director loved it and said, “Well, I think you should do it just like that.” I actually had a stunt double, but I didn’t want to use her. This was Ginger’s big moment, and wasn’t going to give one second away! So I had to figure out how to do all of it myself.

TVLINE | And figure it out, you did. Let’s talk about the sound she made. I don’t think I’ve heard anything like it.

[Laughs] There was one great line in the script that said “the sound is eerie.” So I thought, “Oh my goodness, that’s so wonderful and weird and not, of course, what anyone is going to expect.” I figured people would expect Ginger to have a big, climactic scream. It left it open to a lot of possibilities, like, you might wonder if she’s having a heart attack.

TVLINE | I honestly thought she died.

Good! And, hey, that would be the way Ginger would want to go out.

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