Thursday, September 4, 2014

NIght Terror (Game) - Coming Soon To The Mac And PC

You can help (click here) to make this game happen. From their press release:
Troy Bowen of CEO of Interactive Entertainment is proud to announce that his company is creating  “ Night Terror.” soon available on PC and MAC in 2015. The game will be an open world sandbox mmorpg with Oculus Rift Support.
In this game of survival and crafting the possibilities will be nearly endless. Your created character will come to life as you enhance them as you explore this open world sandbox MMORPG. All quests will be optional and random which makes the game even more fun and challenging. 
Players can travel to many places seeking even more quest to complete. Night Terror is a first person game where you can use weapons, build traps, and also find hidden treasures to purchase more weapons, vehicles, clothing, and shelter. Night Terror gives players a chance to survive the night. Can you?

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