Friday, March 20, 2015

Attack On Titan (2014) - Trailer And Posters

The film comes out on 01 August in Japan. For more details you can visit the official move website here.
A teenage boy named Eren Jaeger must use his special gift to fight alongside with the military to defeat the titan race. Mankind is on the brink of extinction when these man eating monsters terrorize everybody and destroy the last of human civilization left in the world. 
The translation for the trailer is:
Narration: Over one hundred years ago... Half of humanity was eaten by the titans that suddenly appeared... The humanity that remained created a giant wall, and lived peacefully.
Text: Anticipated by the whole world!!
Text: Live-action film green-lit! 
Mikasa: The world is cruel...
Eren: If we mess up, that's the end for humanity.
Title: Attack on Titan
Text: The attack begins on August 1!
Translation courtesy of Anime News Network

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