Monday, March 23, 2015

Until The Day Breaks (Kickstarter) - Former Cinema Employees Make The Leap To The Silver Screen

British filmmaking collective Project Trident, who rocked the web with their hilarious short film Gasp, among many others, is now embarking on an ambitious sci-fi comedy feature. Inspired by classic films such as The Day the Earth Stood Still and Withnail & I, director Carl Peck will bring his trademark irreverent wit to the project, a creative mash-up of sci-fi and buddy tropes through the ages. Braveheart star David Gant is taking the leap into extreme Indie filmmaking as the star of the film, claiming “It’s the most exciting script I’ve read for a time.” Sticking to their Do-It-Yourself roots, the group is raising their financing solely through Kickstarter. To support their campaign which ends on the31st of March, go to

The Story

In the wake of a zombie apocalypse Reverend Ivan Passworthy is alone in the world, his dog Wacko and an imaginary old lady named Maureen his only companions. In the 12 years since the end of civilisation Ivan has carved out an isolated existence within a few acres of heavily fortified English countryside, waiting patiently for survivors to return.

When Maureen’s constant nattering becomes too much to bear, Ivan’s prayers for salvation are answered by the crash landing of a bizarre extraterrestrial named Lee. The unlikely pair quickly find common ground through their own personal losses, but can they send Lee home before they are consumed by the undead evil just beyond the fence?

The Trailer

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