Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Blind Alley

Blind Alley ( Only Truth can set her free)

Plotted in the serene city of Islamabad, “Blind alley” is the story of an intrepid yet troubled girl, Samreen, who can’t resist responding to anonymous calls and text messages demanding her to rendezvous the caller, who later tells his name ‘Zee’. It’s not simply Zee’s persistent claims to know her inside out that agitate her, but also his blackmailing and not enlightening her fiancé Salman right away. She plans to walk down the aisle with her fiancé and this seems to be the only propitious thing in her forlorn life.

Series of forced meetings and lots of threats finally make her find herself tangled with a serial killer. At that certain moment she finds herself tremendously insecure about her life and her relationship with Salman. She at last confides her fiancé and they both try to track that unknown caller but fall on their face. Finally Samreen suffers from a savage attack at her home.

Consistent propping up of her fiancé Salman doesn’t let her morale settle down and she tries to make use of law. Meanwhile, she faces few eerie truths about herself. With the resurfacing of those truths, would she be able to help herself unknot the knotty identity of Zee? Would she be able to shelter her relation with Salman? Would those truths be of any help to get an insight of her past?

The Most absorbing Thriller story

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