Thursday, April 9, 2015

Carrie (2013) - Petition To Release The UNCUT Version

The petition, which was started in December 2013, could use your help.

Recently I watched the film and found myself thinking the same as the other petitioners. I had sat on the Bluray for over a year for various reasons, but when I finally sat down to enjoy the film I was somewhat let down.

Not disappointed. Not hating. Just....let down.

There felt like there was more to the film that I saw. And when I read up on the film I found that, yes, there IS more than was on the screen to this film.

About 40+ minutes more.

And it was told in a better, more natural and consumable format than now or the original.

But, sadly, that's not available anywhere. Not unless MGM releases a director's or uncut version of the film. A version than fans of the genre would love to see!

So, please, go sign the petition here.

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