Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Assignment: The Witches Talisman (2013) - Release Announced

Exclusiveiy from Cult Movie Mania.

Finally The Assignment makes its triumphant return.
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Words don't exist to describe the mind-melting madness of this berserk movie. Kelly Helen Thompson establishes herself as - easily - the most unique voice in film making with this instant Tampa underground classic.

It's going to take you a long, long time to top this doozy!

Cassy (Kelly Helen Thompson of AMERIKAN HOLOKAUST) is given an assignment by her cruel teacher (Joel D. Wynkoop, ROT, CREEP, TRUTH OR DARE SERIES). During her research, she accidentally opens a portal to hell and awakens an ancient evil demon (Bob Glazier, AMERIKAN HOLOKAUST).

Now, she's flipping between dimensions with a priest and a witch trying to save the world as she fights the ultimate battle between good and evil.

If you like your movies beyond strange, welcome to paradise.

This disc features great bonus features including:
  • All new Herb Kowalski interview with Kelly Helen Thompson 
  • Kelly Does Karaoke! 
  • Hidden Easter Egg: with Marcus Koch (100 Tears, ROT, Amerikan Guinea Pig)

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