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The Emerging Past (2011) - Premiere in NYC 5/1


In the tradition of Hitchcock ...comes a new psychological thriller from the producers of Lazarus: Apocalypse THE EMERGING PAST Director's Cut.

LOS ANGELES: Writer/Director and former Queens New York resident Thomas J. Churchill readies to unleash his film The Emerging Past. Churchill is very proud to finally unleash his true vision to all horror fans, “Call it a Director's it a Recut...I call it pure horror, the way the film was meant to be. Horror fans should prepare for a movie along the lines of “The Exorcist” meets “The Shining.” 
Church Hill Productions/Apothecary Entertainment, the company behind the upcoming retro zombie film LAZARUS APOCALYPSE, will WORLD PREMIERE at The New York City International Film Festival May 1st at the prestigious Anthology Film Archives, 32 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10003 / (212) 505-5181. Tickets can be purchased on the NYCIFF website or at the door.

The Emerging Past will include a brand new story arc, never before seen footage, and a new style that gives the film a more thrilling and compelling vibe. It’s darker, edgier, scarier than the original and most of all a true horror film. Insiders are stating “It looks like a Blumhouse studio film.” The film will also carry a haunting score by Jon Brummer (Lazarus Apocalypse) in the tradition of classic Hollywood films.

The soundtrack is sure to please music lovers with all new songs from recording artists "Sugar" Parks and The Massacre and Mike Pacheco of the MP Project (who will also be opening up for Quiet Riot on May 3 in New York). The soundtrack will be distributed by Apothecary Entertainment later this year.

A previous festival/preview version had a small release as a fan favorite at conventions and festivals. It won 6 awards as it played the circuit racking up two Best Pictures, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Song, and Best Trailer awards. But Churchill was never satisfied with that version. Taking a cue from George Lucas, Churchill insists “That version is now a collector’s item; never to be released again...ever.”

The star of the film, Krista Grotte, along with cast members Edward X Young, Mike Marino, Ray Capuana, Steve Dash, and writer/director Thomas J. Churchill will all attend the premiere. An event is also being planned for the West Coast before the Fall release of the film.

Synopsis: When you can't see the future you need to live for the past. Murder and mayhem surround Queens New York Tribune photographer, Pamela Garret (played by Krista Grotte, Lazarus Apocalypse, Hershel Gordon Lewis' The Uh-Oh Show, Brainjacked) after she is discovered taking a life altering picture of a sacrifice ritual. Her world suddenly becomes a jigsaw puzzle as she quickly needs to solve it and find somewhere safe to hide before her emerging past catches up with her. With no where to go, she turns to her coworker Dylan (played by Brooke McCarter, The Lost Boys, Trashin, The Uh-Oh Show) for help. As stress levels rise in her search for the truth her coworker spins the game into another level as he reveals just who he really is. As she soon realizes that the past is never where you left it...

The film was shot throughout Churchill's former Queens neighborhoods of Ridgewood, Glendale, Maspeth, Middle Village and Levittown, New York. His former parish Saint Matthias also has a featured role in this thriller.

This film also stars horror icon Stephen Geoffreys (Lazarus Apocalypse, Fright Night, 976-Evil, Heaven Help Us, At Close Range), Steve Dash (Friday the 13th Part 2, Nighthawks, Alone in the Dark), Edward X. Young (Sea of Dust, The Green Monster) Tony Moran (John Carpenter's Halloween, BEG), Mike Marino (Sleepless Nights, Lazarus Apocalypse) and Ray Capuana (Lazarus Apocalypse).

ORIGIN RELEASING Chocolate Bunny Church Hill Productions/Apothecary Entertainment presents a Thomas J. Churchill film Krista Grotte Brooke McCarter Edward X. Young "The Emerging Past" Steve Dash Ray Capuana Mike Marino and Stephen Geoffreys with special appearance by Tony Moran 

Original Score by Jon Brunner Original Songs by Marisa Sugar Parks & Michael Pacheco Special FX by Edward X. Young Director of Photography Jack Schaefer Edited By David M. Parks & Thomas J. Churchill Produced by David M. Parks, David Lee Madison & Thomas J. Churchill Executive Produced By Paul Weinroth & Lorie Weinroth Written & Directed by Thomas J. Churchill

Fans of Churchill can see him playing the very creepy "Beelzebub" in the upcoming Lazarus Apocalypse, and a Japanese mob boss in the upcoming Samurai Cop 2. Lazarus Apocalypse and The Emerging Past were produced by his business partner David M. Parks are both being released on DVD and Blu-Ray through ORIGIN RELEASING.

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