Tuesday, April 28, 2015

This Week In Full Moon Stream : 27 April 2015

Dear Full Moon Family,

On Tuesday, Autopsy is coming to FullMoonStreaming, presented uncut for the very first time in America! Directed by Armando Crispino and featuring a sinister score by Ennio Morricone, this Euro Horror classic was cut by over 15 minutes upon its 1975 American release. When the city of Rome is rocked by a wave of violent suicides, a young forensic pathologist (Mimsy Farmer), wracked by hallucinations of the living dead, and a priest (Barry Primus), running from his dark past, begin an investigation. Together they uncover a deadly secret... and a chilling slab of unspeakable horror.

Wednesday brings the delirious, crackpot cult classic The Curious Dr. Humpp to your screen. Frozen-faced automatons and a goofy-looking monster (with a blinking light in the center of his forehead) abduct a collection of sexual specimens -- hippies, lesbians, stripper GLORIA PRAT -- who are whisked off to the estate of crazy Dr. Humpp. There, with the aid of aphrodisiacs, electronic control of the libido, and a talking disembodied brain in a jar, Dr. H turns his guests into veritable screwing machines, draining the blood forces of sex from the copulating couples which he uses to keep himself eternally young. As the good doc points out, "Sex dominates the world and now I dominate sex!"

Also this week: FullMoonStreaming debuts Volume 7 of our new weekly featurette: Trailers From Hell! Each Friday, we'll show you 5 trailers in a 20 minute collection. Get a look at the original trailers for Peeping Tom (1962), The Pit and the Pendulum (1961), The Prowler (1951), Tourist Trap (1979), and The Sentinel (1977). PLUS interviews and commentary from Film Gurus who've been inspired by the films, including: Allison Anders, Mary Lambert, Jonathan Kaplan, David DeCoteau, and Edgar Wright! 

Have fun!

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