Thursday, May 7, 2015

Cosplanet (Kickstarter) - Help Get This Documentary Funded!

CosplanetTHR from Respect Films on Vimeo.

To help out, please visit their fundraiser site here.
Comics and sci-fi fandom has never been bigger or more mainstream. Comic book adaptations saturate TV and movie screens, and more and more people attend comic book conventions every year. It's never been cooler to be a fan and express your passion for the things you love. And, one of the most visible expressions of that passion is cosplay. 
Cosplay is the act of dressing up as your favorite characters, using all the tools of creativity to become that character. Walking around cons today, you'll see a hugely diverse array of men and women, young and old, portraying the characters that they love in costumes that range from charmingly homemade to screen accurate high end replicas. 
Cosplay has never been bigger or more popular, leading many people to assume that it's a recent phenomenon. But, it's actually been around for over fifty years, and has been a key part of fandom since the very first comic con. We want to make a film that will tell the story of cosplay, from its origins in the early days of comic con, with some decidedly NSFW costumes, through the anime influenced 90s and ultimately to the mainstreaming of cosplay over the last ten years. 
We want to delve into this world and explore why this unique hobby means so much to so many.

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