Monday, June 1, 2015

Republic Of Rick (2014) - DVD And VOD Release Announced

The critically acclamied hilarious comedy REPUBLIC OF RICK is now out on VOD and DVD! It has been a favorite among critics and film lovers. Its a comedy that fires on all cylinders making this one of the best comedies in years. Republic of Rick is set in 1998, and by keeping with the style was shot like a TV show from that era. Loosely based on Rick McLaren, Republic of Rick contains so many strong and funny performances that at times you won't stop laughing at this fun film.

“Hysterical… one of the top ten picks at Slamdance and Sundance ” – Moviemaker Magazine

Rick Launer, the Ambassador of the Republic of Texas club, spends his days at Alamo reenactments and haranguing U.S. mailmen to get off Texas soil. But when he takes things too far, he's jailed and kicked out of his beloved club. Out on bail with a warrant on his head, he manipulates a group of paranoid eccentrics to protect him from the hand of the “oppressive government”. As a modern day Alamo unfolds on national television, Rick must confront what it takes to be a true leader.

“Awkwardly hilarious right from the get-go” – SLUG Magazine

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