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Welcome to the all new website for A Little Dead Podcast! Your place for full frontal nerdity when it comes to everything to do with zombies, horror and super heroes, video games, comic books, movies and more!

You can listen to our podcast online at the website blog.

Click here to read about your hosts: McPierce and Misfitboy.

You can join our forums and chat with other listeners of the podcast.

And be sure to checkout the latest podcast news...

Support The People Who Support Us

There are many film makers, authors and musicians who have be very supportive of our show. Please show them some of the love they have shown us and support them. And be sure to tell them you heard of them here on A Little Dead Podcast!

And if our show isn't enough to keep your MP3 devices full, why not check out some other podcasts, ones that we listen to as well!

Get Involved!

Have an idea for a segment? Want to review a movie, book, comic or game? Then do it and send it!

To submit a review, just record your review and send it to me at

Or, if you're shy, you can send an email instead with your review and I'll read it on the show.

Send Us Your Feedback

If you have something to say, whether it's a compliment, a gripe, or you want to point out something that was wrong on the show, you can call The Little Dead Comment Line at (206) 338-0665.

Do you read a particular comic and want to share it? Call us up! Or if you think our reviews are off base, or if you really want to agree, then call us up.

Oh, hell, if you want to just call and sing a song or tell a joke, then go for it!

We like getting phone calls.

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