Friday, October 31, 2014

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 (2014) - Final Trailer

The film hits theaters on 21 November.
Katniss Everdeen is in District 13 after she shatters the games forever. Under the leadership of President Coin and the advice of her trusted friends, Katniss spreads her wings as she fights to save Peeta and a nation moved by her courage.

After Dark Originals: Sanatorium (2013) - Clip

The film will be available on VOD starting 23 December.
For the 100th episode of the popular TV show, "GhostTrackers", a team of paranormal experts investigate the notorious haunted Hillcrest Sanatorium, where an infamous bloody massacre took place. On New Years Eve, 1955, while the sanatorium staff celebrated, Richard Howl, an insane patient who was dying of tuberculosis, quietly left his hospital room and walked to the nearby Children's Wing where he savagely bludgeoned three children to death while they slept in their beds. After committing these brutal acts of murder, Richard Howl walked calmly to his own room and hung himself with the electrical wire from a light fixture above. The horrified nurses who found him discovered a blood-scrawled note reading: "The children will join me in HELL"...
On New Years Eve, 55 years later, Tyler and Samantha, the young husband & wife hosts of "GhostTrackers", lead their team of paranormal experts into the bowels of the abandoned hospital to investigate claims of disembodied voices, ghostly apparitions, and incidents of missing area children that have made Hillcrest infamous.
This production footage, discovered by police on cameras at the crime scene, represents the only real evidence of the team's bizarre and unexplained disappearance.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Vampyres (2014) - International Trailer

The Well (2014) - Dark Sky To Distribute

Dark Sky Films has acquired the rights to distribution the film. For more on the film you can visit their Facebook page here.
At the edge of an expansive barren valley, all that remains of The Wallace Farm for Wayward Youth is a few hollowed-out husks of buildings. Seventeen year-old Kendal (Haley Lu Richardson) can barely recall when the Oregon valley was still lush. It's been a decade since the last rainfall, and society at large has dried up and blown away. Kendal and the few others that remain barely scrape by, while dreaming of escape. When a greedy water baron lays claim to what little of the precious resource remains underground, Kendal must decide whether to run and hide or bravely fight for the few cherished people and things she has left.

Class Of The Killer Clowns (Infographic)